Health is Wealth

A famous proverb, “health is wealth,” like me, you have also heard this a thousand times in your life. It is not just a saying. It defines how health is precious to human life. Because if a person is unhealthy, he could not do anything productive in his life. If we are physically and mentally healthy, we can enjoy a healthy, abundant life.

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According to the World Health Organization, health is a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

According to psychologists, some leading aspects of health are:

1. Physical Health

Physical health defines the well-being of the body and how well it is operating. A physically fit person can perform many healthy activities, promote well-being, and develop skills for their general health.

2. Mental Health

A mental illness is a mental health condition that gets in the way of thinking, relating to others, and day-to-day functions. Other than the absence of mental health disorders, it describes your ability to think, learn, and understand one’s emotions and reactions to others.

3. Emotional Health

Emotional health is a person’s ability to accept and manage feelings through challenge and change. It allows you to work productively and manage the stresses of everyday life.

4. Social Health

Social health is one’s ability to create fulfilling relationships with others. Social health benefits are that it helps an individual maintain healthy relationships with everyone around. Good social health is also a great confidence booster.

5. Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is when we can find hope and comfort in even the most challenging periods. It can help to support us in our hectic life.

What Is More Important, Money Or Health?

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Virgil’s ancient Roman poet, “the greatest wealth is health.”

Unfortunately, Virgil suffered ill health throughout his life, so that is why this proverb happened. It was something he regretted not having.

Some people believe that health is most important than money. Obviously, with better health, we can enjoy our life, doing all sorts of crazy things, work productively to earn a beard, and so on.

On the other hand, money cannot give you a guarantee for a healthy life. Here are a few reasons why:


If you look at the habits of successful people, they seem to understand this better. They follow a healthy diet, exercise daily, meditate, and take time out for friends and family. They know that they cant achieve their peak of productivity in money-making ventures without taking care of their health.

Money cannot buy health for you despite acquiring the best medical facility on this planet. Working hard at the cost of your health is inappropriate. A person having a chronic illness, spending much time and energy managing his poor health, even the effects of stress on his mind and body will lower the confidence in achieving life goals. Having good health is a beneficial money-saving scheme; you would save your money instead of treating diseases or other health expenses.


Money is known as a source of evil. It can cause disputes among family members when left behind without a will. If a loved one falls seriously ill in the family, everyone quarreled over the asset instead of taking care of them. It cant give happiness and a positive attitude to that person.

A wealthy person may have all the luxuries of life, but it does not mean that he Enjoys a happy life. A happy mind promotes good values like hard work, sharing, kindness, discipline, and desirable qualities of life. It does not depend on the number in your bank account.


Nowadays, there is a rapid growth of competition in the market; thus, people are fighting to keep their jobs and solve their bread and butter issues, forgetting about their health in this stressful environment.

Being overworked can lead to health issues like fatigue, anxiety, mental health issues, incurable Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). However, the nation is pouring enormous amounts of money into research yet finding no cure. Most importantly, it proves the old saying that “Prevention is better than Cure.”

The high expenditure on medical bills can cause physical symptoms of stress like anxiety, depression, migraines. And if a person is already short of funds, they will suffer from financial distress.

According to the most data available, Americans spent 3.4 trillion on healthcare ( almost 10,000 per person on average ) in 2015, accounting for 17.8% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP); that number will increase to 20.1% of the GDP by 2025.

Despite the increased spending, our health is declining instead of moving towards better. We are killing ourselves to get there for all the promises made to us that how perfect our life will be when we become financially stable.

How Do I Receive Wealth In Health?

Some people believe that health is more important than wealth. Health is the foundation for wealth — Health and Wealth are related to each other in many ways. However, the fact that stands out is that health is superior to wealth. Let us consider that health Is a necessity of life, while wealth, on the other hand, is required in sufficient quantity for survival. Both are needed to live happily, but as everyone can see, the necessary condition is always critical. Health is true wealth, something that money cant buy.

Below Are Some Convincing Reasons That Show How Your Health is your Greatest Wealth:


Healthy people save money on medical costs. Sick people spend their cash on medications or expensive therapies rather than what they enjoy.


When we enjoy good health, we can earn more money through productive work. Healthy people with healthy minds are more focused on their goals and work hard to achieve them.


When you have vital well-being, it does not matter how much you struggle to make ends meet; you have confidence and a get-going attitude to achieve your aspirations.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and exercising daily, the skin will glow — no need for expensive beauty products!


A healthy and nutritious diet that contains vegetables and fruits rich in zinc, omega fatty acids, and other vital nutrients keeps our mind working to its highest potential.


Health insurance in the U.S. is already an astronomically high expense. If you get sick, your medical bills can skyrocket.


If you become weaker in later life, you may have to spend much money purchasing mobility aids ( such as walking sticks ). You may avoid this by taking a diet rich in calcium that will keep your bones strong in later life.


You can spend your money on things you love to buy, like sneakers, smoothies, supplements, and so on, instead of them in your medical billing.


When you are healthy, you have more time in your hands to share it with your loved ones. You can play football with your kids and go hiking in your 70s. That is one of life’s true riches.


If you follow all the things listed above, you may save much money that will reap much interest.

How To Prioritize Your Health?

“A sound mind in a sound body.” This one phrase can give us an idea of how valuable our health is. Excellent and robust health is not something sold at a grocery store, but it is something we have to create and maintain at the same time.

Simple ways for a healthy lifestyle:

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First of all, wake up early in the morning and do a simple but regular exercise for at least 15–30min. It could make us active, attentive, and relaxed simultaneously.

Increase water consumption daily.

Avoid soda drinks or drinks containing high sugar content.

Avoid dairy products and alcohol as well.

Avoid meat or fatty food. Otherwise, do not be surprised to get hypertension, kidney disorders, or any other dangerous diseases in the future.

Do not eat fried or fast food daily in excess quantity.

Try to eat many fruits and vegetables if you want to stay healthy.

Take vitamins; this could be optional. Vitamins could help us become energized and boost up our immune system.

To boost our positive energy, spend some time lonely and think positively about the future and present life.

Schedule dates with family and friends. It would help create meaningful connections with people and play a huge part in mental and emotional health.

Instead of turning on tv at night, make time for book reading.


Generally, a healthy lifestyle is a beneficial blessing that we should not take for granted. Money can help us buy luxurious villas, and we can earn money if we lose it, but it can help us buy good health.

A person is responsible for their excellent health. Health incorporates every aspect of life- mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. It is essential to switch to a healthy lifestyle for well-being and happiness by adopting some new and good habits.

Money is also significant to meet our daily needs. Nevertheless, it is the time to find a balance in life and focus on things that matters to us.




A Pharmacist || Health & Fitness Writer || Freelancer

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Fasiha Shaukat

Fasiha Shaukat

A Pharmacist || Health & Fitness Writer || Freelancer

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